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“I have always believed in Jesus, but since finding Daystar my hunger for God and my desire to know Him more has grown every day. I am drawn back to your programs daily and continue to pray for more of Him. By the grace of God I have now finally broken free from substance abuse and am finding hope like never before. Thank you, Daystar family!”
North Bay, Ontario
“I surrendered to Jesus, my Saviour. The emotional trauma, fear, and anxiety have lifted. Thank you Jesus!”
Aurora, Ontario
"Joni, Doug, and Lamb family, thank you for all you did to get us through the last three years... Mere words cannot thank you enough for this information and all you have done for us with the Biblical teaching you provide...God Bless."
Minto, Ontario
"We have watched Daystar for years, especially Table Talk. I just want to tell Joni what a blessing she is! She has grown SO much recently, in power and her prophetic anointing! She is such an example of the love of Jesus! Be encouraged Joni... "Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might", especially as the days grow darker and the attacks get stronger! Blessings abundant to you and your sweet family!"
Marilyn & Grant
Orillia, Ontario
"Joni Table Talk is often my #1 'go to' program on TV (Ministry Now is a close 2nd). I often think, after each outstanding guest – I can't imagine it getting better than this – then it does, and I thank Jesus and pray for you, your beautiful children, co-hosts and guests..."
Edmonton, Alberta
"Thank you Daystar for being a beacon of hope in Jesus to the world! 🙏"
Victoria, British Columbia
"I feel so blessed by your show (Joni Table Talk) - every show is as pearls and diamonds about God and from God helping us to know HIM and the current end times. Thank you for helping my faith deepen, guiding my purpose and an increase in joy as I draw closer to God. I never miss your show - I’m deeply touched every time I watch it!"
Cranbrook, British Columbia
"Joni Table Talk is terrific!! God bless all of you!!! Thanks for bringing us the truth!!!!!"
Calgary, Alberta
"I just finished watching the Joni Table Talk and wanted to share with you what a blessing this program was to me! … Thank you, Joni, for how you so effectively bring out spiritual truth in your conversation with your guests. I just want to share this program with those around me by talking about it and letting people know that they can watch Daystar and grow significantly in their relationship with Jesus."
Kelowna, British Columbia