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About ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) Canada 

“Comfort ye, comfort ye My People” the ICEJ scriptural mandate is from Isaiah 40:1-2. It was the ‘inspired mandate from heaven’ given to Merv & Merla Watson of Canada, founders and co-partners of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in 1980.

It also includes an exhortation that appears to be a contradiction, at least if one applies it to the modern day context. This exhortation says: “Speak comfort to Jerusalem and cry out to her, that her warfare has ended…” Isaiah 40:2

Since 1980 the ICEJ has embarked upon a journey of bringing comfort to Israel. This journey has involved compassionate outreach, where people in every town, village and city have been favourably impacted in some way by our benevolent ministry that has assisted, housed, fed, encouraged and comforted the new immigrant, the poor, the lonely, the orphaned and the elderly, including Holocaust Survivors. Daily news analysis, International speakers, educational seminars, and rallies/petitions in defence of justice on Israel’s behalf help to counter Antisemitism in all its forms. ICEJ has historic partnerships with Yad Vashem for the Christian Friends of Yad Vashem (2006) and the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (2004).

The ICEJ annually hosting of the Feast of Tabernacles Christian celebration since our founding has impacted hundreds of thousands of Christians worldwide with the biblical perspective of recognizing the hand of God in Israel’s modern day restoration and the need to work in accordance with what God is doing in obedience. We are thankful to God for His faithfulness and for yours in partnering with us.

About Donna Holbrook
Born into a strong multi-generational Christian family, Donna came to understand the personal relationship of which God speaks, following the loss of their full term 3 week-old infant son Jeremy. A long-term member of a large Toronto Evangelical Church, she received much prayer and healing, which preceded her first trip to Israel in 1996 with ICEJ. God got her attention for His plans for her life – Jeremiah 29:11 and Israel was the focus He drew her to understand.

Starting with a degree in music (pipe organ), psychology, then education, Donna taught Grades 3 – 8, co-founded a ladies’ clothing wholesale agency & was a stay at home mom with Meredith when life took this unexpected course. Introduced already to ICEJ in Canada by her Aunt Harriet Black, when it was closed down in the spring of 2001, including the surrender of its charitable status, she stepped in to do anything she could to bring it back to life; and she has!

ICEJ Canada Aid & Development, a Canadian Registered Charity since 2007, is more vibrant and a vital part of this International Christian ministry to Israel from Jerusalem & over 80 Int’l branches, including Muslim controlled countries. Since the 1996 ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles, Donna has been to Israel on an average of twice a year, and has a heart to build bridges of friendship between the Jewish & Christian communities, to help fight the evils of Anti-Semitism, to educate on God’s eternal promises to Israel for the redemption of all people & to get as many people to Israel as possible, especially young adults where she has seen lives transformed.

To God be all the Glory Given! Kol HaKavod!

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Sundays: 4:00pm
Wednesdays: 9:00am

Ministry Information:

Address: 20 Bloor Street East
Box 75149 Toronto, ON  M4W 3T3
Phone: Toll Free Canada: 1-866-324-9133 & GTA: 416-324-9133